What does the Township do about Stormwater?


The township is responsible for managing the Best Management Practices (BMP) that are in place, as well as creating new BMP's or updating old BMP's to make them better. As the name suggests, a BMP helps to manage certain parts of the Stormwater system. An example of a BMP is street sweeping, because it helps remove pollutants such as trash and sediments from the roads.

Removing these pollutants from the roads makes sure that they do not enter the storm drains and eventually make their way into the waterways. The township is also responsible for implementing the six Minimum Control Measures (MCM) that are listed on the main stormwater page.

An Outfall is any place where storm water enters the surface waters of the township. An example would be a roadside swale, or an outlet of a subdivision's stormwater to the storm water system in a development. We inspect the Outfalls throughout the township to ensure that there are no problems. The township makes sure that there is nothing wrong with the Outfalls to ensure that no harmful substances are entering the waterways.

To take another measure in ensuring that no harmful chemicals are able to enter the waterways, the township marks each storm drain connected to an outfall with a Storm Drain Marker. These markers are there to tell residents that they are not allowed to dump anything down the drains. Only Rain Water should be entering these marked drains to preserve the health of our streams.


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