Yard Waste Recycling Program
Thanks to a grant from PA DEP, the township is the proud owner of a new horizontal grinder. The new grinder will replace the old tub grinder (also purchased through a DEP grant back in 2001) and be able to more efficiently process brush and tree trimmings at our Yard Waste Recycling Yard.

Until 1993, when the composting yard was started at East Pikeland Township, residents were still clinging to the traditional methods of disposing of leaf and other yard wastes, including burning. Since, our composting yard has not only served to divert yard waste away from the waste stream, but has additionally
assisted in the maintenance of clean air throughout the community by providing a burning alternative.

The composting site is located adjacent to the township building on Rapps Dam Road. The entire property is 22 acres with 2 acres currently in use for yard waste composting. On the 2 acre site, 1.25 acres is provided for township residents to drop off leaf and grass waste with the other .75 acre for other yard waste.

The sites are marked clearly with signage on the type of materials that are accepted for recycling. Specifically, the program allows for residents
to drop-off leaves, yard waste, tree brush, branches and Christmas trees. These materials are processed into compost and wood mulch.

Since 1998, over 7,000 tons of leaf and yard waste have been dropped off at the municipal recycling yard. The program is completely self-sufficient in that there is a 100% turnover of material. The leaf waste that is dropped-off in the fall months is mixed with the grass waste dropped-off in the spring and summer months. By the following spring this compost material is ready to be used. The same process works for the brush and tree trimmings operation, however the end-product is ready much sooner than the compost. The final composted/mulched material is made
available to township residents.

Residents can either pay a nominal fee for the delivery of the material or they can come to the township building and pick it up themselves. By the end of the summer months, the supply of compost or mulch material from the previous year has been depleted. The township also uses the mulch product in flower beds and other landscaping throughout the township in addition to Kimberton Community Park. The township plans to continue expanding the program in order to accommodate the additional materials from an ever-increasing township population.

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