Winter Snow Removal 101

The Public Works Department is responsible for salting and plowing over 50 miles of roads during a snow emergency.  Roadways are plowed after an accumulation of 2 inches. Major roads are first priority, with neighborhood roads and cul de sacs completed last.  It takes an average of 6 to 8 hours to completely plow all township roads after the snow has ended.

For your safety, please remember:

  • Please be patient until your street has been plowed before shoveling out your driveway. There is no other place for the snowplow to push snow than off to the side of the road.  The drivers cannot take the time to keep driveways clear.  If you have to clean your driveway before the trucks plow the road, place the snow on your yard.   Please do not shovel your snow onto the roadway as it will be plowed back to the side of the road or into your driveway when the snowplow passes.  Shoveling snow out into the road can create a hazardous condition because it can freeze and cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle. 
  • Mailboxes should be installed a minimum of 6” from the curb line to avoid damage during plowing operations. Make sure your mailbox post is strong and able to withstand snow hitting it.  Check the box to make sure that it is firmly attached to the post. The township is not responsible for mailboxes damaged during normal snow removal operations. 
  • Remove your vehicles from the roadway prior to snowfall in order to allow the Township to fully clear the street. 
  • Snow Emergency Routes are posted and must be obeyed when two or more inches of snow has fallen.  Violators will be cited.
  • When shoveling, snow blowing, or plowing your driveway and sidewalk, do not place the snow back into the street. This is against the law and can create a road hazard.
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