Project Benefits
The creation of this park facility will benefit our community and region in a number of important ways.
Recreation & Health Benefits:
This project will provide new opportunities for people to experience passive recreation in our community. Residents have indicated that they want more, varied passive recreation parkland, specifically paved, ADA accessible trails, especially looped trails, a dog park and a community garden, among other amenities. This project will fill those needs and provide a safe, free, accessible space for people of all abilities to recreate and spend time in nature. In addition, this property is located off of two major transportation corridors, Routes 724 and 23, making it easily accessible.

Spending time recreating outside unsurprisingly increases the physical and mental health and fitness of children, youth, adults, and seniors.  Gardening and being physically active outdoors has particular benefits for the aging population and people with disabilities, including increasing dexterity and physical agility, providing opportunities for socialization, building independence, and reducing the speed of cognitive deterioration. By designing this property to be accessible and inviting to people of all ages, abilities, and interests; visitors from all walks of life will reap the rewards of time spent outside exploring and enjoying this property.


Environmental Benefits:

This property will have numerous environmental benefits. To begin, the plan includes over 6 acres of land that will be restored as native habitat and provide green stormwater infrastructure. These facilities will ensure habitat for birds, pollinators, and other native animals; while also sequestering carbon, and handling stormwater in a more beneficial way. By capturing and slowly releasing stormwater, the facilities planned for this property will help to slow stormwater runoff into our creeks and rivers during larger rain events. Along with this, the community garden area will include fruit trees and bushes to provide important access to food for pollinators. It is our goal to eventually host a bee colony on this property, providing another opportunity for positive environmental impact and education.


Educational Benefits:

This property is less than 1,000 feet away from a planned elementary school. The township will encourage teachers to utilize this property as an outdoor classroom, providing a natural environment for students to learn about native habitats and species through educational signage and observation, among other techniques. The community garden and orchard can be used for educational lessons in the areas of science, math, art, writing, and more. Green stormwater facilities, like rain gardens and bioswales, will also provide opportunities for education and demonstration.


Economic Benefits:

This project would have a positive economic impact on our township. As reported in the Chester County Study of Return on the Environment, parks and open space can improve the local tax base, increase property values, attract new businesses, and help to generate both monetary revenue and economic activity for the Township and region. Studies and reports show that people enjoy traveling to new parks, including dog parks. This influx of out-of-township visitors will bring new people to our community, increasing business and traffic to local businesses.


Community Benefits:

This project will help to make our community more connected and livable. By expanding our park and trail network with this project, we hope to provide a new space for both two and four legged creatures to find connection! Socially, parks often are a tangible representation of the quality of life in a community. They provide safe gathering places and opportunities for improving the mental and physical health for people of all ages and abilities. Dog parks and community gardens have historically been used as gathering spaces for all ages and kinds of people. By providing benches, pavilions, and other accessible structures we expect people to gather socially to talk, learn, and grow together. Our hope for this project is that residents will use this new space to build community, improve their health, expand their bodies and minds, grow healthy food, and gather together with family, friends, and nature.

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