Managing Swimming Pool Water

 Before You Drain Your Swimming Pool…  Know the Rules!

Another summer has come and gone, and now it’s time to close the pool. Before you extend that hose, remember, the water in your pool is filled with chemicals! Not only is improper disposal harmful to the environment, it is a violation of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Clean Streams Law!

• It is illegal to drain pool (or spa) water or backwash into any water course or storm drain. Draining such water into these systems violates the Clean Streams Law because it may contain chlorine, copper and €lter backwash that can harm aquatic life in local creeks and rivers. Storm drain systems are not designed to remove these pollutants.

Pool water should NOT be discharged into the street. Instead, you should discharge water into the grass where it will allow for absorption, filtration, and aeration of the water through the soil before it reaches the groundwater table. By draining the pool at a slow and steady rate, filtration will be optimized and erosion will be prevented. When draining pool water into the grass, be attentive so that the water does not drain onto a neighboring property, which is a violation of township ordinances.

• Pool water may be discharged into a sewer cleanout, laundry sink or other plumbing fixture so that the contaminated water enters the sanitary sewer system which is designed to remove many pollutants from water.

• If you utilize the services of a pool company for maintenance, please ensure that they comply with the regulations.

A fact sheet from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection entitled Swimming Pool Water Discharge Guidelines is available online at (search keyword: Wastewater).

Questions concerning these guidelines should be directed to the PA DEP Southeast Regional Office in Norristown at 484-250-5900.

It’s no joke: whatever enters a storm drain flows directly into our local waters. The storm drain system provides no filters and no treatment. Help us keep our waters clean. Never dump, wash, or rake anything into the path of storm drains. 

Sweep, don’t hose, your driveway or other paved surfaces. Consider using downspout extenders to direct rain water onto your lawn instead of the pavement.



Click Here for a video on proper pool maintenance












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